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Ioannis Mavrikakis

Brief CV
Ioannis Mavrikakis was born in Athens in 1959.
Ηis father Nikolaos Mavrikakis( Designer, Interior – exterior Decorator and Modelist ), became his first teacher in Fine Arts.
At the age of 15 he wins the second prize of Pan-Hellenic contest organized by the Walt Disney Productions Inc. which gives him a trip to Paris.
In 1977 he entered the School of Fine Arts at Athens University, having won a scholarship of excellence.
During his studies he was taught by Prof. Dimitris Mytaras and P. Tetsis.
Mavrikakis has taken part in a number of exhibitions and most of the artist’s paintings can be found in private collections both in Greece and abroad.
Since 1987 he has been working as a teacher of Fine Arts in various public high schools, as well as he Collaborates with the cultural Organizations and brings the studio arts to children.

Σύντομο Βιογραφικό
Ο Ιωάννης. Μαυρικάκης γεννήθηκε στην Αθήνα το 1959.
Ο πατέρας του Νικόλαος Μαυρικάκης ( Designer – Interior- exterior Decorator and Modelist ) υπήρξε ο πρώτος του δάσκαλος στα θέματα της Αισθητικής.
Σε ηλικία 15 χρονών διακρίνεται σε πανελλήνιο διαγωνισμό της WALT DISNEY και κερδίζει ένα ταξίδι στο Παρίσι .
Το 1977 εισάγεται με υποτροφία και την καλύτερη βαθμολογία στην Ανώτατη Σχολή Καλών Τεχνών της Αθήνας.
Σπουδάζει και παίρνει πτυχίο Ζωγραφικής με δασκάλους τον Δημήτρη Μυταρά και τον Παναγιώτη Τέτση.
Ο Ι.Μαυρικάκης έχει λάβει μέρος σε ένα αριθμό εκθέσεων και περισσότερα από τα έργα του βρίσκονται σε ιδιωτικές συλλογές στην Ελλάδα και το εξωτερικό.
Από το 1987 εργάζεται ως καθηγητής Αισθητικής Αγωγής στη Μέση Εκπαίδευση ενώ παράλληλα συνεργάζεται με Πολιτιστικούς Οργανισμούς διδάσκοντας Αισθητική σε παιδιά δημοτικού .

Name – Surname: Ioannis Mavrikakis
Citizenship: Greek
Marital status: Married
Place of birth: Athens

1977 Enters the ATHENS SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS and he studies painting under the professor D.Mitaras .
1978- 1984 Further painting studies – diploma ( in the same Univercity ) under professor P.Tetsis.
1984 Graduate ATHENS SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS, Athens – Greece. Bachelor in Fine Arts, Studio Painting, Art History and Tutorial studies,(5 years study course).
1974 At the age of 15 he wins the second prize of Pan-Hellenic contest organized by the Walt Disney Productions Inc. which gives him a trip to Paris.
1977 Ranked number one in the entering class of the ATHENS SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS with a full Scholarship.
2012 “BEER & ART” (in FIX Factory)
2012 EIKASTIKO KENTRO (Visual Arts Centre – Trikala) : Group exhibition about Bisycle and cycling, entitled “PODILATIZO”.
2011 “ART-CAR-GO” with Angela Dikeoulia . Contemporary Fine Arts and OLDTIMERS.
2011 TITANIUM GALLERY- ATHENS : “WITH ONE DRACHMA IN ART” .Installation and script under the same title:“EVERY DAY CRIME”. 1987 – 2005 (after army service) IOANNIS MAVRIKAKIS is focusing mostly in teaching. At that time all his paintings are disposed privately.
2010 “ARTMEETSMEDIA” organized by ART CARGO in “VETO” newspaper installations – Photography under the title “REAL MODELS” .
2008 Presents his new work, entitled “ATERMONA” in an old ironsmith’s exhibition by “ANGELA DIKAIOULIA”.
2008 Participates in the second Art Cargo at ELGEKA company installations.
2007 1st ART CARGO (exhibitions organized by “ANGELA DIKAIOULIA” ( at non-conventional locations )on a yacht.
1985 Exhibits in the Art Galleri “EKLOGI” his first still lives in oil ,with his mane motive – “glasses”. Simultaneously he paints the viewers portraits.
1984 Participates in the exhibitions of the graduate class of the ATHENS SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS at theConservatory of Athens.
2011 EIKASTIKO KENTRO (Visual Arts Centre) –TRIKALA :Painting Exhibition and workshops (for children and adults) in a project under the title “ Play GROUND”.
2010 “Worlds of Glass” Photography exhibition and happenings in LARAS’ BAR in Ioannina.
2010 Painting and Drawing Exhibition entitled “EXODOS” at Arsakio in Patras, carried out under the auspices of Patras Cultural Development Municipal Enterprises («ΔΕΠΑΠ»).
2009 SUITA Art Café “PhotoGraphy” exhibition
1987-1989 Fine Arts Teaching in Public High Schools / Ioannina – Greece
2002 – 2003 Fine Arts Teaching in Public High Schools / Kastoria – Greece 2003- 2014 Fine Arts Teaching in Music School of Trikala / Trikala – Greece 2014- 2015 Fine Arts Teaching in Music School of Trikala / Heraklion – Grete / Greece
In parallel:
1987-1989 Collaborates with the cultural Organization of Ioannina to bring the studio arts to children.
1987 -1989 Collaborates with the Women of Konitsa club (Ioannina) and creates a Fine Arts Workshop for students .
2002 Teaches Fine Arts in High School in the city of Kastoria.
2003-today Works at the Music School of Trikala as a Fine Arts Teacher.
2003-2006 Collaborates with the cultural Organization of Trikala in a studio for the art instruction.
2009-2010 Creates a Fine Arts Workshop in Mouzaki (Thessaly) for primary school students.

SEMINARS (followed)
25/2-6/5/2003 Advanced study courses under the subject: “Application of information technology in Education”, Committee of Advanced Study Courses of Kastoria city.
22/6/2005 Full day Seminar in Cultural Heritage Direction of Secondary Education of Trikala
24/9/2005 A practicum in a museum: “Museum – school : The Dynamic relation between civilization and Education” Direction of Secondary education of Trikala
10/3/2006 Lecture on chronic illness, by GESTALT FOUNDATION.
11-14/5/2006 Psychotherapy workshop Gestalt : “ The Art of Psychotherapy : the Art of Life” GESTALT FOUNDATION.
9/2009 4O Symposium Art Therapy (Centre of Art and Psychotherapy) .
a) Workshop : “ The refuge inside myself”
b) Workshop : ” In lotus-eaters’ country . A simulation to Odysseus trip “
26-30 /8/2015 International Symposium on “PEDAGOGY OF HAPPINESS. Towards an Unconventional School”
9/2008 Presenter of his essay : “Tsoukou-Tsoukou and his clear view” (a work composing Drawing and Writing),26th Study course of the Fine Arts Teachers’ Union , ATHENS SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS .
9/2010 Presenter of his essay : “A School in a school “ (Ways and lines for the internal and external decoration of a school” 28th Study course of the Fine Arts Teachers’ Union , ATHENS SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS.
9/2014 Presenter of his essay : “BODY: School-ART-Life” (The body Language and the body as motif , to be discovered (through ART ) in school life is framework compared to everyday life) 32th Study course of the Fine Arts Teachers’ Union , ATHENS SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS.
English Language: Spoken and written
Personal computer: Windows, Office, Internet
Poetry writing, guitar and drums playing

Since 1985 I.Mavrikakis is a member of the Greek Fine Arts Corporation: and also he is a member of the Union of Fine Arts Teachers in Greece : .